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Waranty Claim

Thank you for buying at cgindo.com, your satisfaction is our happiness, therefore in order to guarantee customer satisfaction, we will guarantee that all goods that the customer will receive are in the best condition. Cgindo.com will provide a guarantee for every item purchased in accordance with the warranty policy of each brand.

Buyers can make warranty claims directly to the distributor according to what is stated on the warranty sticker on the product.

But we also can help process warranty claims for every purchase at cgindo.com

Each warranty claim through us must meet the terms and conditions referred below:

  1. Product box / package must be included and have an Authorized Distributor sticker on it (don’t throw away your ssd box)
  2. Invoice & Order number of the purchased item from our store
  3. Please indicate the serial number on the product if any
  4. Product is not burnt / broken / cracked / loose components
  5. All shipping costs to and from are borne by the buyer
  6. Please provide reasons for warranty claim

Please note that:

  • Every product that is claimed for warranty will go through a checking and testing process by the brand technician, if the checking results :
    • show that there is no damage according to the claim, then the product will be returned to the buyer
    • show that there is indeed damage according to the warranty claim, then the product will be serviced or replaced with a new one
  • any product that does not have an official distributor warranty sticker, the warranty claim will be rejected immediately
Our Service


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